Freedom From Habits, Patterns, Addictions, Poverty, Illness, Loneliness, Limitation, and Even Crime

Inner Freedom for All!

For over twenty years, I have offered an outreach ministry to Freedomers through personal letters, newsletters, and my books.

In Saying ‘Yes’ to Inner Freedom, my Introductory Book (Course), I describe my ministry to Freedomers, my burnout, and my recovery. And I give hope to others endeavoring to attain inner freedom by applying the technics I teach. In the companion book, The Freedomers Say ‘Yes’ to Inner Freedom, the Freedomers’ inspiring answers to questions from my courses show how agreements, commitments, faith, beliefs, and trust can be applied, even in prison. Their stories that brought them to crime, and also their dreams, and hopes for the future remind us that they are human beings seeking inner freedom too, even though behind prison bars.

I combine spiritual principles, inner child healing, twelve-step recovery for codependency, and inner guidance in my courses (books) for Insiders (inmates) and Outsiders (non-prisoners) caught in emotional bondage: habits, patterns, addictions, poverty, illness, depression, or loneliness.

With the advent of my website, I now hope to reach a forgotten culture — their families and loved ones — starved for this material of hope, encouragement, and support. I feel that my books and seminars are my contribution that can be a solution to the problems of violence and crime that we face today. Saying “Yes” to Inner Freedom, and my other books, could start a crusade that will benefit individuals and community.

But there is much more to this website: Money Matters offers freedom from financial bondage. And The Inner Child Travel Series takes you on an inner and outer adventure, as Ralph and I travel coast to coast and border to border in our 35 ft. Holiday Rambler RV. We continue our inner child recovery and healing our money issues, while having fun on the road.


I hasten to express my gratitude to the people who have contributed to this website and the material that is featured:

First and foremost to my husband, Ralph VanCamp, for his years of support, encouragement and computer expertise; and his patience when teaching me its mysteries for writing my newsletters, books and publications, with tears rolling down my cheeks. And more recently, for his persistence when confronted with the new technology, since his retirement as a computer programmer, in creating this website and duplicating the graphics for the book. And especially for his willingness to bare his soul, through my writings, as he has faced, dealt with, and overcome the repercussions from childhood issues and family characteristics that caused devastating patterns and other disorders. Together we pursued and attempted to remedy the conditions, so that we could share the results with our readers, and possibly assist them with overcoming similar obstacles to success.

A second debt of gratitude goes to my family members who allowed me to share our family skeletons and talk about the “elephant in the living room” (A Twelve-Step expression for the no-talk rule in dysfunctional families). Also, to those members who requested that I not talk about them; for the challenge and lessons I learned, while honoring their request for privacy, and withholding my desire to show love in the way that I could: some women knit, cook, sew or otherwise show their love; I write. So when that love-ability was thwarted, I felt hurt and rejected, but I survived.

Our friend and cartoonist, Keith Smyth, allowed me the privilege of freely using his cartoons in my books, which enhanced them beyond words. I’m encouraging him to create his own website of his priceless cartoons and graphics. Thank goodness for the Freedomers who granted me permission to share their stories, artwork, poems, letters and articles. Without them, I would have very little to write say and share. I hope that, through the years, they will find their way to this website, and see that I have fulfilled my promise, agreement and commitment to them. I am telling their story. I thank family, friends and freedomers, and acquaintances along the way, who have given me the material and motivation to write these pages through the years. Now, I hope you, Dear Readers, will enjoy and be blessed by the results.

And finally, I am thankful for the trip along the way, throughout our travels, especially the last four years, while journeying in our 35 ft. Holiday Rambler motor home, our only residence and vehicle, as we toured most of the United States, and even briefly dipped into Canada. Those stories are related in my Travel Series. Enjoy! It’s impossible to mention and say “Thank You,” to everyone who has contributed to the words and pictures contained in these pages, but if you were part of the end results, please know that, in my heart, you are remembered and deeply appreciated. First, last, and always, my gratitude goes to God, Who has guided, protected, sustained and inspired me throughout my personal Journey to Inner Freedom. Thank You, God! I await our next adventure.