12 Gifts of Christmas

(Written December 25th, 2000)

“I am the Gift”

I awoke this Christmas morning feeling grateful for my many gifts: eyesight, hearing, health, prosperity, and the gift of writing. And I gave thanks for the blessings in my life: Van and all the good that he is and does, Betty providing this space for us and all the good that she is and does. And of course, I am thankful for my material blessings, such as our RV home and my computer and cellular phone, and all that makes life comfortable and enjoyable. Thank You, God.

And, as natural this season, I am thankful for my family and friends, and for all the people who give services that we usually take for granted, such as the waitresses/waiters, clerks and garbage men and mailpeople, including the ones who forward and deliver our mail, wherever we are; and the beautician who cut my hair on Christmas eve. Thank You, God. But my Christmas morning meditation brought to my attention gifts that are always part of me and continually replenish. Let me explain:

We have within us, twelve powers, which God brought to my attention are actually gifts, just as Jesus is the reason for the season, and He is the ultimate gift. These other gifts are not as well known, but nevertheless they exist, and when we call upon them, they are activated and available for our use; like opening our presents.

I have written an entire course on this subject, and there are many other books available, which I’ll mention at the end of this writing. But God gave them to me, again, this morning, in the form of brightly decorated gifts.


Faith came in a glorious irridescent midnight blue package wrapped in a deep blue and silver ribbon. The disciple, whose energies are within us, representing this gift, is Peter, the Great Fisherman. Thank You, God for the gift of Faith.


Will came wrapped in an elegant silver and gold package with matching ribbons. That’s because Understanding is a twin gift, packaged in identical, but reversed gold and silver paper and ribbon. With these twin gifts come Mathew, representing Will and Thomas, who questioned Jesus, representing Understanding.


Imagination brings with it the gifts of seeing, visualization, vision and creativity. It’s pearlized light blue package with fluffy white clouds is wrapped with a rainbow ribbon, to remind us that its visual aide is the blue sky and rainbow. Bartholomew (also called Nathaneal) is the disciple representing this gift.


Zeal is the gift that keeps me alive, alert, awake, joyous and enthusiastic, when I unwrap the fiery two-tone orange paper and flaming ribbon. These gifts do us no good if they are not opened and used. Appropriately designated to represent this gift is Simon the Zealot.


Power is easy to remember with its purple-power wrappings mottled with gold and silver, because it must be tempered with Will and Understanding to remind us that its about inner power and personal empowerment, not control over others. Philip represents this powerful gift. Love, the most known of our inner gifts, came in a surprise package, as the image of the giant hot air balloon with huge deep pink hearts popped into mind; to remind me that Love is expanding and uplifting. The “disciple that God Loved,” John, respresents this love-full gift. Wisdom, dwells within us as Light, and it’s color is bright as sunshine, as its golden yellow wrapping radiates its rays upon us. I call upon this gift often, recognizing it as the Source of knowledge. James, the brother of John, represents this gift.


Order, my most frequent request is symbolized by dark green, or the shades of green seen from a plane in a harmonious patchwork. We can also call upon this gift for balance, harmony and Diving Timing. Today, it came gaily wrapped in Christmas green (also termed money green) with a matching irridescent ribbon. James, the Younger (named to avoid confusion with the other James), represents Order, and we can also ask him to remove confusion.


Strength can be called upon whenever we feel weak, tired, helpless or discouraged. The bible gives us many verses to assist with calling upon this gift. I like, “I am strong and of good courage,” for one. Andrew, the brother of Peter, represents Strength.


Renunciation or Elimination comes in ornate copper-toned wrappings with matching ribbon, and it reminds us not to hold onto things; either material or emotional garbage must be released and eliminated. “Forgetting what lies behind, I press on…” is the appropriate bible verse. Thaddaeus (also called Jude, but not to be confused with Judas) represents this essential gift that helps us to let go and let God.


Life reminds us that “I am the gift” not only applies to Jesus, but also to ourselves, for we, too, are created out of the essense of God (there is none else), and therefore we have within us these twelve gifts. But, we must unwrap the giant red package with its flowing ribbons, for within this package we find that we are the gift of Life. The bible asks, “Do you not know that you are the temple of the living God?”

Although Judas originally represented this gift, we merge together God, Jesus, the Christ presence and the Holy Spirit, along with all the disciples, our angels and helpers, plus all aspects of ourselves — inner child, conscious, subconscious, superconscious, ego, mind, body, emotions and spirit — to become one. “I am One,” is my affirmation for this final gift.