Transformations 12 Powers


We have within us centers which contain powers that we can activate and use. They were taught in ancient mystical schools, and brought to light by Charles Fillmore Co-founder of Unity School of Christianity) in his book “Twelve Powers of Man.” Catherine Ponder (metaphysical author of prosperity and healing books) updated the material with a healing approach in her book Healing Secret of the Ages. Various authors have written books on the subject.

Rev. Joyanna Freeland, an ordained metaphysical minister, incorporates her thirty-years’ background in metaphysics with her awareness training into an effective Home Study Seminar based on these Twelve Powers.

Someone taking this course commented: “You have combined psychology, religion and metaphysics into one course.” Joyanna, a new-age minister, wife, and great- grandmother adds: “And a lot of personal experience and common sense too,” as she demonstrates her caring and sharing through this Transformation Process.

Originally titled Pot O’ Gold Prosperous Living Course, the material spans the Twelve Powers with a multitude of information which has been divided into twelve series’ in convenient booklets to accommodate the fast pace of the nineties (See Book List).

Message from Joyanna

For maximum benefit from this course, I suggest you combine the material with my Saying “Yes” to Inner Freedom series, color the mandala, use the Home Study Activities, and remain in the consciousness of the Seminar for at least 30 days. If you enjoy this booklet, please pass it along, and send a donation to Inner Freedom Ministry. This is a ministry to anyone seeking inner freedom, whether behind walls of limitations of their own making, or prison walls of concrete, steel, or barbed-wire (See Book List & other Inner Freedom Ministry webpages).

Transformation 12 Power Process

  1. Make fewer Agreements — keep the one’s you make; follow through on your Commitments. “Yes, I’ll do it; then DO IT!
  2. Get clear on your Intentions; what you DO is your intention!
  3. Realize Your true “I AM” identity; then listen, hear, understand, follow.
  4. Prepare a firm foundation on which you build your life. Preparation precedes Expansion.
  5. “Get Off It” — and from your present position, view points, and limitations to freedom and abundance.
  6. Say what you mean and mean what you say — Communication — watch your words and thoughts.
  7. Love and accept Unconditionally–without attachment, strings or considerations.
  8. Discover the ‘Promised Land’ of Divine Substance within you as the Kingdom of Heaven — Enlightenment –it is all here now.
  9. Live life from cause rather than effect.
  10. Take Responsibility for your life, your actions and your reactions.
  11. Release and let go of old tapes, programs, blocks, and barriers.
  12. Break out of your cocoon–become the transformed butterfly — spread your wings — and fly!