March | Order

Each of the Twelve Powers is coordinated with a month, color, disciple and the body location, as listed above. When focusing on the Power of Order in the solar plexus, visualize the color olive or dark green, call upon the Disciple James the Less for guidance and support, and repeat the following affirmation:



Order, Balance, Harmony, Timing, Cause and Effect.

The above subjects can become issues for healing during this course whether or not you’re doing it in March. The monthly associations are especially helpful for further attuning to the energies. For instance, Order, and issues of balance, confusion and disharmony are meaningful in March, the month that “Comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

Subconscious, emotions, memories, inner child, abdominal problems, life sustenance & vitality, energy,circulation, digestion, assimilation. (Works with Will: see “Healing Secret of the Ages” pg. 137.) Working with this Power Center for Order can heal many mental and physical conditions. Read Catherine Ponder’s book, “Healing Secret of the Ages” for further explanation.

“A Time For Every Matter” by Joyanna Freeland gives further coverage of these subjects.


When I was taking courses to become a licensed teacher at Unity School of Christianity I had a roommate, Millie, whom I’ll never forget because of her enthusiasm and her affirmation, “Everything is in D.O. Honey! Everything is in D.O.” She was referring to Divine Order, and whenever I need to Order, I just think of Millie.

I hadn’t heard from her in years, so I was delighted when I received a letter: “Haven’t taken a few moments to write at all last year, but was with you in D.O. spirit.” She shared that she and her husband had renewed their marriage vows. She said, “It was so marvelous that a great awakening came to us revealing; our whole mission as a couple was to love each other and listen, LISTEN to one another, and when we could listen to each other we could listen to God. Oh, I really can’t put into words what my heart and mind are saying. I realize that Love is what everything is all about. Oh, well Love and Forgiveness, release and bless (smile). Perhaps there will be greater rainbows for us as we eagerly accept and claim them!”

Speaking of rainbows, the symbol of unity and harmony, reminds me of how and why I chose that symbol for my original Rainbow Center and “Pot O’ Gold” course. It happened at Unity Village when Millie and I were roommates and attending the same classes. We were to write a story about one of the stories that had been presented. I had missed the first session, so Millie let me listen to her tape. I chose the story about Noah and the ark of the covenant of the rainbow in the sky. To me this story symbolizes Order. It has everything that applies to Order. Noah, the grandson of Methuselah (who lived to be nine-hundred-sixty-nine) at the age of five-hundred became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. His name means “rest,” and represents the obedience through which seed for a new state of consciousness is saved. He typifies the consciousness at rest in God.

You’ll want to read Genesis 6-9 for the entire story, but you’ll remember that man’s wickedness had caused the Lord to be sorry He’d created him, so He decided to obliterate man from the face of the earth. However, Noah had found favor in the eyes of the Lord so he was told to make an ark of gopher wood. He and his family were to save a male and female of every species by taking them into the ark until the flood subsided. This story boggles the mind, but we must understand its symbolism, so read the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary for an enthralling explanation. The flood represents the baptism of spirit which is necessary for Order to be established or equilibrium in the three planes of consciousness: conscious, subconscious, superconscious.

“Forty days” is an undefined time that means `however long it takes.’ During this time we are to balance and harmonize all three levels of consciousness. It’s terrible when the three selves are in conflict and not working in harmony.

This time in the ark represents when we rest in the Lord despite chaos and confusion in the outer. It’s the time to keep centered in Jehovah or I AM. The purification is similar to the period in the wilderness required until all negative and corrupt habit patterns are destroyed. One can’t help but lament, “Oh when will I ever learn?” God must have wondered too. However there does seem to be an end because the ark found land. And God promised that He would never again destroy the earth by flood in his covenant with Noah (read this covenant in Genesis 9:12-17).

The lesson taught in our class stated that within every problem is the solution; and it is within us. In fact, the problem and the solution are one (further explanation in the MBD delves deeper into order, balance and harmony).

During that session I participated in a counseling class where we were paired-up in simulated counseling situations. I as a husband-wife counseling team. I never forgot the satisfaction I felt, and I knew then I wanted a partnership ministry. I endeavored to fulfill that relationship, but it wasn’t until 1993 that it finally happened with my husband, Van. And not as a ministry, but a business that incorporated all my counseling/ministering skills, plus his financial management abilities. God does work in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. And order did come out of the seeming chaos in my life for now I can offer my books and courses to those desiring spiritual, emotional, love life, and financial (SELF) fulfillment.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, release, and let go. Take another deep breath, release, and become centered.

Visualize an olive-green Light centering in your solar plexus. Inhale and as you release affirm, “I AM ORDER.” See this energy swirling throughout your body. Again affirm, “I AM ORDER.”

As the colored energy continues swirling become aware of Order in your body. Be aware of your muscles and bones, and note that they move, bend, and function without conscious thought. This is true of many body activities; for instance the blood flows in the right direction at the right temperature and proper consistency.

Become aware of Order in your nervous system, immune system, and other governing systems. Begin to feel a love affair with your wonderful body as you focus on the various organs and their functionings; always without your conscious effort. Breathing, digesting, and eliminating are taking place as you walk, talk, and go about your life.

Focus on the atoms and molecules that form the cells. Somehow they survive even with the stored-up stuff you’ve been unable to forgive and release. Amazing body. Become more appreciative and grateful to your God-created body. Make any communications of thankfulness, forgiveness, or forgiving necessary to free-up your body as the olive-green energy swirls throughout the cells and organs. Affirm “I AM ORDER.” Take a deep breath, and release.

Now imagine you’re in a plane looking down at the landscape below. Be aware of the Order of the universe and the Creator as you fly over open countryside and fields, trees and rivers. Notice the perfect harmony of colors, and the blending of many shades of green. Feel a sense of appreciation for the wonder and grandeur of God’s universe. Then Inhale deeply, exhale, and affirm “GOD IS ORDER. “Now imagine you’re sitting in a box seat in a large auditorium. The musicians are tuning their instruments in the orchestra in front of the stage. The choir files onto the back center stage and takes its place: altos, sopranos, tenors, bases. The audience begins to hush as all is in readiness. The orchestra begins, then the chorus joins in perfect harmony as the dancers swirl on stage to the combined rhythm. Breathe deeply and slowly as you enjoy the order and harmony of the music, singing, and dancing; then affirm, “All is in Divine Order.” Feel the peace of this harmonious interlude, and enjoy as long as you desire. Now for a contrast imagine any of those three orderly scenes becoming discordant, out of synchronization. Only a moment is enough to jolt your senses and give you a deeper appreciation of Divine Order. Now restore the balance, order, and harmony of your creation, and realize you can create order out of chaos whenever you choose. Take a deep breath, slowly release, affirm, “I AM ORDER.” When you are complete, open your eyes and return to your present time.



It took over thirty years for the above-mentioned fulfillment of my dream, and my frustration abounded
through the years as I wandered through the maze of life (similar to the time on the ark, or in the wilderness).

A virtue called patience, and certainly faith developed over these years. And this brings us to the subject of timing; certainly an aspect of Divine Order. A good explanation of Timing is given in a story told by Marcus Bach, who wrote I, Monty (about a butterfly), and many other inspiring books (he’s the uncle of Richard Bach, who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, and other excellent books).
I’ve attended Marcus’ lectures, read his books, and listened to his tapes. This story comes from a tape, The Seven Sayings of God and I love his comment, “Think in terms of life, not time.” He says we must “Time it out,” and “Space it out.” Then he talks about his “I, Monty” story of the timing factor in the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly. Fascinating. I recommend you read the book. But you won’t find this story in it.
Much to his surprise and dismay this masterpiece — his prized book — came back from the publisher:
rejected. As a writer I can relate to that feeling when he prayed and asked, “What’s wrong? Why wasn’t the book accepted?” He surmised it was because Richard’s book, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” a similar book (about a seagull), had already saturated the market. However, with this on his mind one rainy, misty night (he lives along the coast in Palos Verdes, CA) walking the short distance home from work, he saw the word “BACH” in large letters on a bulletin board. He stopped and stared as if God personally were speaking to him. Through the mist he read the German title of a Johann Sebastian Bach musical composition, which translates to, “God’s Time is the Best Time.” Marcus knew he must have those words for they spoke something magical to him. In his humorous way he said, “The flyer was thumbtacked to the bulletin board, and I knew it was getting wet anyhow, and if I didn’t take it someone else would.” So he removed the flyer, lovingly rolled it, then covered it under his raincoat. When he arrived home, he unrolled it and posted it on the kitchen wall where he could constantly be reminded: “God’s Time is the Best Time.”

And soon he went to Hawaii, attended a Unity church, and met a young zen artist who created the exceptional illustrations for the book. God’s time was then complete, and the book was published. He concludes, “And God said, `Let it all be in time,'” a quieting therapy Marcus says. Yes, whenever I remember “God’s time is the best time,” I relax, let go and let God. Always the results are in perfect timing and with perfect results.

Everyone is aware of Timing on some level: musicians, dancers, performers, comedians, artists, writers, housewives, cooks, farmers, teachers, engineers, plumbers, scientists, ministers, doctors, athletes and fishermen — everyone in all walks of life use Timing. Think about the list as you expand your awareness of Timing. Recall some times when you were impatient for something to happen sooner than it did. And recall the perfect timing of the final result. We’ve all tried to force results like pulling the petals open on a flower, or pulling up a seed to see if it’s growing. As we develop our willingness to “let it happen” instead of “make it happen,” we acquire patience, a necessary attribute in Timing and Order. Catherine Ponder, a metaphysical writer, said she discovered that when events finally occurred the timing was perfect because all the details would not have been accomplished had it happened any sooner. And I can confirm her observation as I’ve been aware of Timing through the years. For instance, rewriting this portion of my “Pot O’ Gold Course” in 1993 brings this lesson to my attention at a most opportune time. As I said earlier this is the year I’ve realized the fulfillment of my dream for a partnership business. However, the idea came into fruition a few days ago, and in timing with this writing. Had I forced these words sooner, as I attempted, the synchronicity would have been out of alignment because the necessary preparation and details were not complete — within and without — for Van as well as me.

Furthermore, until this idea fell into place the purpose of writing my books was not clear. Now I have a clarity, so the direction for the remaining material for A Time For Every Matter (my next book) makes sense. And all this is clarifying during the chaos and confusion of rewriting this Order session. (Read A Time For Every Matter for further details on these subjects.) A well-known adage from the Bible says, “For everything their is a season and a time for every matter under heaven” (Eccles. 3). You’ll impress your subconscious with the value of Timing when you read this Bible chapter. As we allow the Holy Spirit to become more active in our lives we depend on “God’s time as the best time.”

Charles Fillmore discusses Cause and Effect in all his writings using every conceivable combination of words to say the same thing, but a chapter title in “Jesus Christ Heals” says it best: “Realization Precedes Manifestation.” I’ve modernized it’s meaning, “You’ve got to get it before you get it.” Charles Fillmore explains, “Every idea is a seed and the seed is the word of God.” So our thoughts are actually the cause. It’s been said, “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” We are living today the results of effects of our thoughts (cause) of yesterday. If we want to change tomorrow we best change our thoughts today. This universal law applies to health, finances, relationships, inner peace, and all our hearts desires.

We have to be willing to make the change if our present situation is not in keeping with the desired results. We ask, “Where do I start?” With our thoughts, which are the seed (cause). At some time the seeds were planted in our consciousness — by ourselves or others — for which we are now reaping the harvest. In other words we bought what someone was selling. I know this isn’t what we want to hear and we have logicalexplanations for our effects (health, relationships, finances), but the good news is that we are the cause, so we can make the changes for tomorrow through our thoughts today. Charles Fillmore explains the relativity of Cause and Effect to thinking (thoughts) and feelings (emotions), or conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is the storehouse of past knowledge and past experiences, so it knows only what has filtered through the conscious mind. That’s why it’s imperative for the conscious and subconscious to work together in harmony and balance. If not you’re dealing with a vital Cause that produces unwanted Effects in the body because this is the realm of the subconscious (feelings) and it uses its power unmercifully.

If you don’t want to do something the subconscious (our built-in computer) will put the program into action and you will wonder why you get sick, or have unwanted results. Like a computer, we must change the program if we want different results. “Garbage in — garbage out” as they say in computer lingo. Affirmations are effective tools to change the program because the repetition from the conscious mind impresses the subconscious. The thoughts and words along with the emotions and feelings serve as Cause and bring forth the Effect. Often the Will doesn’t want to change, so you have to work with your power of Will; perhaps by calling on the other Powers to assist. With this knowledge we’re no longer victims of Effect, unless we want to play the victim role. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are the Cause; that all we have to do is change our thinking and feeling? For some this may be bad news because you can no longer blame circumstances or others, and you may have to admit you were wrong. But the results are worth the effort. And remember you don’t have to make yourself wrong either; just change the cause.


Considering that James the Less is the disciple who represents Order, it’s astounding the confusion surrounding his identity. After much research I’m still not clear. For instance there’s a great deal of question as to whether or not he actually wrote “The Letter of James” in the Bible. My confusion is confirmed by other authors that it’s a compilation of various authors and assigned the name James. For your own clarity research the “Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible” and “Abington’s Comments on the Bible.” Great detail is given James, yet his identity is confused with James, the Lord’s brother, and James, the son of Zebedee. Robert Brownrigg, in his book “The Twelve Apostles,” concludes that Matthew and James were brothers because each is referred to as the “son of Alphaeus.” He also mentions that both were thought to be tax-collectors, but discounts that possibility, but he suggests that James was a Zealot, as were Simon the Zealot, Judas Thaddaeus, and Judas Iscariot. Whatever the facts, not much is known about James the Less. Maybe that’s the meaning of his name, “Lesser Known.” He’s also referred to as James the Younger. This may refer to his family relationship rather than his being the younger of the two disciples named James. Perhaps it’s because of this confusion and obscurity that H.S. Vigeveno in his book “Thirteen Men Who Changed The World,” calls him the “unknown apostle.”


It is suggested that you use the Garden of Gethsemane process to clarify subjects presented in this Order session: Cause and Effect, Balance, Harmony, Timing. Be aware of the balance and order in the Garden of Gethsemane. Ask Jesus and James for communications about the following subjects: Thinking: thoughts held in mind produce after their kind, so `watch your stinkin’ thinkin.'” Speaking: words and communications, articulation. Appearances: clothes, hair, skin, personal habits, self-image. Finances: money, agreements and commitments, responsibility, completions, money issues from childhood. Relationships: balance, and ability to relate with people in all activities and to all kinds of people. Order in your home, work, and even the creation of the universe. Some people are not disorderly, but rather fastidious and nitpicking to a fault. This is where balance enters the picture. Ask: What steps do I need to take to establish order in my life as discussed above? Do not answer intellectually, but allow the answers to come through you from Jesus and James. You may be surprised. I was. You may want a sheet of paper handy, or a tape-recorder to save the communications during the following process. Your belief system may present logic and reason as to why this process won’t work. For instance, it could say, “I don’t know what the Garden of Gethsemane looks like, how can I create it?” Then imagine what it looks like; or picture any garden. Here’s a clue, there are many olive trees. Also, if Jesus and the disciples don’t seem to be there, imagine them. Do whatever is necessary to make the experience real and believable. Every time you visit the Garden of Gethsemane you will have greater insights and understanding.


Become comfortable and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release. Feel yourself letting go and releasing your thoughts and control. Take another deep breath, relax. Now surrender your intellect into
the Christ presence. Imagine a silver-gray energy centered around and behind your left eye. Take a deep breath and feel the energy gently swirling through your head, and then gradually throughout your body until you are a being of silver Will-energy. Become saturated with this energy — smell, taste, hear, feel it — so you can recreate it instantly. As the silver Light energy is swirling through your body affirm, “I AM WILL.” When the energy has become intensified, allow it to transport you to the Garden of Gethsemane. Visualize the olive trees, shrubs, any flowers. Become aware of the smells, sights, and sounds as you stroll in its peaceful energies. Spend as much time as you desire in this setting Jesus chose for solace. Be aware of the balance and order in the Garden. When you feel ready, become aware of others in the Garden. Look around and you’ll see Jesus praying. You can also see the disciples asleep nearby. You hear Jesus saying, “Nevertheless, Father, not my will but thine be done.” Walk toward Him. He expects you. Sit down beside Him. Feel His deep love as He greets you. Introduce yourself, although He already knows you, and then ask if He has a message for you about Order, Timing, Cause and Effect, Balance or Harmony. If you don’t understand what He’s saying, ask Him to clarify. Spend as much time with Jesus as you wish. Enjoy His presence and energies. Get to know Jesus as a person, friend, teacher, brother; who He really is instead of who others have said He is. Communicate with Jesus as long as you wish. Remember, you can recreate this meeting place anytime you choose. He is always with you; He never leaves you. And the disciples, too, are within you always, only waiting to be called forth upon your request. They each represent a Power, or energy force within your body. Then ask Jesus if He has a communication for you concerning Order and the above suggested subjects, or others. Notice where the disciples are waiting. One of them is coming toward you; James the Less, who represents Order.He’s smiling as he walks toward you and greets you by name. Sit down with him and ask any questions that will further acquaint you with him as a real person with his own identity. Ask if he has any communications for you about Order. Remain with him as long as you desire. When you are ready, say goodbye. Now walk alone through the Garden, and if you like, sit down awhile and commune with yourself in these energies. Become clear about your understanding of the messages you’ve received. And ask yourself about order, balance, harmony, timing, cause and effect. This may be a time of soul-searching, lifestyle-changing, or simply being still and at-one-with yourself and your Christ presence. When you are ready, look around and you’ll see Jesus and the disciples coming to join you in a love-circle. Join hands and feel the energies of Jesus (Christ presence) and your Twelve Powers: Matthew (Will), Thomas (Understanding), Peter (Faith), John (Love), James (Wisdom), Nathaniel (Imagination), Simon the Zealot (Zeal), Phillip (Power), James the Less (Order) Andrew (Strength), Thaddeus (Elimination), and Judas (Life). Close your eyes and tune into these energies until you feel them merged into oneness with you. There is no separation; Jesus and the Twelve Powers are within you now and always. Remain in this consciousness until you are ready to return to the room. Then become aware of the sounds around you, and slowly bring yourself back into the present moment filled with the Light. After you’ve finished your visit write results and feelings in your journal..

The following communication came to me from James the Less during my “Garden of Gethsemane Process


“I, James, known as `the Less’ or `Younger,’ being the son of Alphaeus and one of the Disciples of Jesus, Our Lord, and later known as one of the Twelve Apostles (not including Judas) who promulgated the teaching of the Master, do now wish to communicate through this writer concerning the matter of Order, Balance, Harmony. “Order is heaven’s first law’ and of this there is no doubt. We come into this life experience on earth with little memory of our past lives or of our purpose or mission in this life. That is as it should be, for the knowledge is programmed within us and we know what is before us to do. It is sad but true that too often we become enmeshed in the things of this world and we forget. There are, however, those few who remember from the depths of their being and begin to get on course to accomplish their purpose. Each one who reads these words knows and is returning to the call; that is why this course is being written through this writer: that it may be made available for those who are ready for these teachings at this level; not that there are not higher or lower levels as it were, but rather that this is where you are now, at this time, in your preparation and pursuit of your purpose. And all of this is in order. It is time now to become aware of certain truths or facts that pertain to this process of growth toward pursuing one’s purpose. If you ask us in your Garden of Gethsemane Process, we will discuss this matter with you at length. It is not necessary that this be accomplished in the Garden of Gethsemane Process. If you wish direct communication we will gladly cooperate with you in this manner. Simply `ask.’ There will come a time in your ongoing journey when it is necessary to get your inner and outer house in Order. You will know when this time comes as it will begin to happen automatically. It may seem to you to be a time of discomfort and confusion. Know this: It is not confusion any more than an earthquake, although it may seem to cause chaos, it is no more than a shifting that is taking place which seems so disruptive, as does your own shift or change. You will be guided as is this writer in these matters. It may call for a change in routine, diet, friendships, lifestyles; it may necessitate a visit to your physician to see that your physical body is well and in balance before continuing in your program to accomplish your purpose. It is undesirable to have health problems being of concern to you at this time, so put your mind at rest. You may find that other habit patterns will be called upon for change. Do not panic or become fearful and scattered. This is the time to become centered or balanced in your inner peace. It is a time to `accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.’ You will enter more fully into that program during the Renunciation Process or `Burning Bowl Process.’ That is the time to get your house in order. It is a time to re-evaluate your goals and intentions and your commitments. Many of you at this time have been feeling scattered and unsure. This is part of the process of the change. Have Faith, Strength and Courage during this time. I am with you. It is my purpose to be with you as you go through this period. It is a period of transition that causes you to feel unstable and unbalanced, yet it is part of Order becoming activated within your consciousness. This process is for real and you are becoming more aware of this reality daily. When you begin your chapter on Strength Andrew will join you. This process is akin to Jesus `Calling the Twelve.’ Andrew is here now to strengthen and give courage and patience. You will find, at that time, another shift occurring, however, it will be very positive. All loose ends will begin to come together. You will see a sense of direction and your purpose will become clear and meaningful. During that time you will become aware of those things that will remain with you; and they will be eliminated during the Renunciation period. Now, I want you to be forewarned that this is your period prior to and in preparation for the Transformation, which we are calling the Promised Land. Once you have completed the Wilderness time you will find yourself crossing the River Jordan and entering your own Promised Land. It is well worth brief trials that you still have to endure to dwell in the `Land of Milk and Honey.’ Yes, I wrote the words of the Letter of James as I am writing these words to you now. However, I did not write all of that Letter. As you read you will know the words I spoke then, and am speaking to you now. I spoke then of the trials and of the wisdom which you have within to guide you. Did you think you could make this journey without change, discomfort and tribulation? When is change ever without some discomfort? However, keep the Faith, and enter into the new commitment which becomes conviction with certainty as we discussed earlier. You are not alone. We are with you; and we no longer are `asleep on the job.’ We are all as one and we are with you as our Master promised. Do not be confused by confusion, but remain steadfast and centered in those things which we have shown you. All is in Divine Order, My Beloved.”



1. What do you need to do to put your inner & outer house in order?
2. Make daily “lists” of things to be accomplished. Check off as accomplished. Complete the things that you start!
3. Ask yourself this month, “Am I living my life from Cause or Effect?” What have you discovered
about this? What are you going to do about it?
4. Start “making restitution” or “cleaning-up the messes” in your life. What are some of the results?
5. What was your experience of the Order Process?

1. How does “timing” apply in your life? “Divine Timing”?
2. Share some instances in your life where it would have made the difference.
3. Are you “serving time” or is “time serving you”? Explain.
4. How can you use your time more effectively?
5. As you apply the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3 how has it affected your life or how can it affect your life?


1. What patterns of your life are now bringing positive results?
2. What are you going to do about the unproductive patterns?
3. Where did you get your “money rejection pattern” if you have one?
4. Look at the patterns that are “running your life” and ask your subconscious and/or Superconscious how to release you from them. What happened?
5. Change as many patterns as possible this month in your daily routine. What were the results?


1.Describe the Garden of Gethsemane as you experienced it.

2.What was Jesus’ communication about Order?

3.What did Jesus communicate about the Universe?

4.What did James the Less communicate to you?

5.What was your experience of this Process?

Write down your experiences about preparing your “Order” Poster.

Share your experiences of coloring your Mandala.

POSTER SUGGESTIONS: Olive or dark green background. Pictures of a calendar, clock, ruler. Pictures depicting order, harmony, balance such as the sun-moon-stars and the order of the universe. Pictures depicting order and harmony (symphony, ballet, music, etc.) Pictures depicting orderliness in the home (cleaning, washing, painting, etc.) Pictures meaningful about Cause and Effect. Pictures pertaining to The Ten Commandments. Pictures of a maze.


Musical accompaniment for your seminar further impresses upon your subconscious the lessons. Whenever you hear, at any time in the future, the melodies, your seminar experience will be refreshed in your consciousness. Some suggested songs and music are included. Adding your own can be fun, creative and expanding; it also provides an opportunity for adventure and self-awareness as you search for the appropriate music. Preparing your own tapes of the Processes and/or musical accompaniment is especially impressive upon your subconscious. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks searching out just the right music or song, which keeps me focused on the lessons. I use the following music in my seminars. However, any music that helps to impress these songs on your subconscious mind are okay. I’d love to hear your suggestions. If you don’t have access to music don’t worry, the program works without it.


“Time In A Bottle” — Jim Croce
“Time, Time” and “If I Could Go Back” — “Lost Horizons” album
“The Time Is Now” — Ellen Foley, Jimmy Hall, Doc Severinson
“If We Only Had The Time” — Andy Williams
“Turn, Turn, Turn” (For Everything There’s A Season) — The Byrds
“Seasons” — John Denver
“A Great Effect” — Simon and Garfunkel (The Graduate)
“The Balance” — Moody Blues
“Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way” — Ray Coniff







Twelve Powers of Man (6-cassette set of tapes)–Ed Rabel
The Jesus Story–Ann Ree Colton
Twelve Apostles–Robert Brownrigg
Thirteen Men Who Changed the World–H.S. Vigeveno

There are innumerable books on many subjects that also apply to the above subjects under the headings of: Prosperity, Self-Help, Psychology, Healing, Health, Mind Power, Dreams, Life after Death, Prayer, Color, and many, many, others.