November | Renunciation





Elimination, releasing, letting go, changes, freedom, chemicalization, forgiveness.

The above subjects can become issues for healing during this course whether or not you’re doing it in November. The monthly associations are especially helpful for further attuning to the energies. For instance, November is associated with autumn leaves falling, harvest time, so the color russet is appropriate.


Elimination excesses or blockages: bowels, kidneys, sweat glands; statements of: “pissed-off,” “shit, crap

Working with this Renunciation Power Center can heal many mental and physical conditions. Read Catherine Ponder’s book, “Healing Secret of the Ages” for further explanation.












Twelve Powers of Man (6-cassette set of tapes)–Ed Rabel
The Jesus Story–Ann Ree Colton
Twelve ApostlesRobert Brownrigg
Thirteen Men Who Changed the World-H.S. Vigeveno

There are innumerable books on many subjects that also
apply to the above subjects under the headings of:
Prosperity, SelfHelp, Psychology, Healing, Health, Mind Power,
Dreams, Life after Death, Prayer, Color, and many, many, others.


Musical accompaniment for your seminar further impresses upon your subconscious the lessons. Whenever you hear, at any time in the future, the melodies, your seminar experience will be
refreshed in your consciousness.

Some suggested songs and music are included. Adding your own can be fun, creative and expanding; it also provides an opportunity for adventure and selfawareness as you search for the appropriate music.

Preparing your own tapes of the Processes and/or musical accompaniment is especially impressive upon your subconscious. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks searching out just the right music or song, which keeps me focused on the lessons. I use the following music in my seminars. However, any music that helps to impress these songs on your subconscious mind are okay. I love to hear your suggestions. If you don’t have access to music don’t worry, the program works without it.




The mandala is a unique method of communication with both the subconscious and superconscious. Through the use of colors and designs it encourages the subconscious to release memories, pictures, and awareness of buried or past information and pertinent experiences. This can be healing in all aspects of a transformed life as these memories surface and are blessed, forgiven, and released.

The mandala also serves as a vehicle for the Superconscious to guide and inspire. When you feel guided to use a certain color you can ask the Superconscious, “Why?” Revelations will instruct, and inform. Ideas and inspiration will begin to flow.

The colorcoordinations were suggested by Unity in conjunction with their “Twelve Powers of Man” Sunday School material.

Healing energies can be released in the body by visualizing the designated color(s) in the body locations of the specific Power(s).


The mandala explanation for Renunciation is included with the text as: ‘Burning Bowl Process.”




1. How long must we wander in The Wilderness?

2. What must we Eliminate?

3. What is “Chemicalization”? Describe.

4. What changes are you experiencing in your life? How is this preparing you for The Promised Land?

5. What are your Completion experiences? How are you “cleaning up your life? Describe.


1. What did you eliminate?
2. What are you going to use to replace the vacuum?


1. What were your experiences as you colored the portion of he mandala for Elimination?

2. What were your experiences as you brought the positive colors into your mandala?

3. What habitpatterns ‘came up for review?

4. How did you feel about “burningup” your mandala?

5. What ritual did you use to complete your Burning Bowl Process? Describe.


1. How is your “Rest Period” manifesting itself?

2. For whom is Jude the patron saint? Where did he perform much of his ministry?

3. What part of Jude’s “Message” is meaningful to you? Describe.

4. How does the “Baptism of fire” apply in preparation for the Promised Land? How does this apply in your life?

5. Are you ready to cross the River Jordan and enter your Promised Land? Explain. What does the River Jordan represent for you? What is your “Promised Land”?


1. What does The Promised Land represent to you?

2. What is YOUR Promised Land?

3. Do you think there is anything left between you and your entering your Promised Land? What?

4. What steps do you need to take now to enter The Promised Land?

5. What awaits you in your Promised Land?


POSTER SUGGESTIONS: Russet background
Pictures of cleaning, releasing, burning, pictures of a “Journey,” a maze, or resting, or suggesting Transition.


I’m sure The Beatles didn’t have the Power of Renunciation in mind when they wrote “Hey Jude.” Nevertheless, it’s a good reminder of the disciple Jude Thaddaeus who represents this faculty also known as Elimination.
Although he’s listed in the Bible as one of the Twelve Disciples, and the Book of Jude is written by him, he’s lesser known than some disciples. However, there’s more history available on him. Jude went to Syria, Persia, and Armenia in his missionary travels, and it’s even said he healed the Syrian King of leprosy. Isn’t that appropriate and symbolic of one who represents cleansing and purification? Because this Power is associated with the Wilderness Period of the Exodus, the time of purification, it seems significant that Jude’s ministry was primarily in Arabia, where the people didn’t believe in a Messiah. So he was truly preaching and teaching in the wilderness.

Robert Brownrigg, in his book “The Twelve Apostles,” says Jude had some problems with the disciples who came later because his name was confused with Judas Iscariot. It’s understandable that no one wanted to associate with the name of Judas. Perhaps that’s why he’s also called Thaddaeus. Mr. Brownrigg goes on at great length to clarify the two names and Disciples. He says Jude, his apparent nickname, is translated to mean bighearted, busty, or largebreasted, which logically evolved from his having been joyful, pleasant, and goodnatured. (Much more information on the historical activities of Jude are available in Mr. Brownrigg’s book.)

Jude, the son of James, and a cousin of Jesus in Joseph’s lineage, was unquestioningly devoted to Jesus with no doubt of his being the Messiah. Jude is the Patron Saint of the forgotten and hopeless, which seems appropriate for those wandering through the wilderness experiences of life. He’s available for anyone feeling the need of his energy, love, strength, and support. Feel free to call upon him at anytime,
for that is his purpose to fulfill. When I called upon Jude he gave me the “Message from Thaddaeus” which appears at the conclusion of this chapter.

In the one Bible reference to Jude with Jesus we find a significant tie-in with this chapter and the Burning Bowl process (given later). At the end of His Discourse concerning His departure from this lifetime, Jude asked Jesus a rather pertinent question: “Lord, how is it that you will manifest yourself to us, and not to the world? Jesus answered him, “If a man loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love me does not keep my word; and the word which you hear is not mine but the Father’s who sent me.” And Jesus continues his dissertation about the Holy Spirit.


I had not realized the significance of the Holy Spirit with this chapter (having already written about it during Zeal), until I was sitting by the fireplace with a log quietly burning, and was considering the next sequence for this chapter. Suddenly the firelog fell apart and flames shot up into the chimney. Startled, I looked into the fireplace and the words “flames of fire” seemed to jump out at me from the brilliant flames. And as I questioned “Why?” the words “baptism of the Holy Spirit” and “Purification of fire” danced through the crackling fire.

I’d never included anything about the Holy Spirit when teaching this session, so I was excited when I realized how it does apply. You see, the burning of the unwanted is the “burning of the dross,” as mentioned in the Bible. The “dross’ is the “scum tht forms on the surface of the molten metal; waste or foreign matter; impurities,” according to the dictionary. This is what we do in the Burning Bowl Process. In other words, it’s the purification of fire, whereas the water baptism is the purification of water; both being forms of cleansing, releasing the old and taking on the new; repentance. It’s the process of change that takes place during the Transition Period in the Wilderness.

For your Transformation to occur this process must be completed before crossing the River Jordan and entering the Promised Land. As you’ve progressed through this course, you’ve been going through the same process the Israelites demonstrated in their Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. (For more information on this Exodus read my course, “Journey to Inner Freedom”)


Now that you’re properly introduced, let me forewarn you with some caution signs before entering the Wilderness, because you will go through it, and you certainly don’t want to stay stuck in it forty years, as the Israelites did. (By the way, forty years is a symbolic number meaning “however long it takes to get the job done”). So let’s move right along.

Many things can happen as a result of this phase of the Transformation Process. Let’s face it, we’ve gone through a lifetime until now with our old patterns and lifestyle, isn’t it possible the body may go through some physical changes? Yes, it does, and it’s called chemicalization, by some metaphysicians including Catherine Ponder (“Healing Secrets of the Ages” in “Renunciation” chapter, and “Millionaire Moses” in the chapter “Prosperity Law Through Change”).

Emily Cady wrote “Chemicalization” in her early versions of “Lessons in Truth” which have since been removed – to protect the innocent perhaps), but Catherine feels as I do that we need this “It always gets darkest just before the dawn.” You may be feeling tempted to give up. Don’t! You’re only a step away from crossing the River Jordan into the Promised Land. Hang in there!

Remember, Jude is the Patron Saint of the forgotten and hopeless, so ask him to assist you in getting rid of the garbage and debris that keeps you wandering around in the Wilderness of Transition. Also call upon Andrew for Strength, and Peter for Faith. And probably it’s a good idea to call upon all the Disciples and Twelve Powers now.

Whenever I cycle through the Renunciation process I too find myself wondering if God has forsaken me; or questioning if I’ve forsaken Him in some way. Usually this happens in November, the monthly coordination for this Power. And that’s a devastating month for me because it’s the anniversary of my brother’s birth; which heralds the beginning of the end of my birth family. I’ve written this story in other writings, so won’t elaborate. However, each year I think I’ve gotten the patterns handled, but they surface again, and I cycle through on a higher level. Sometimes I wish I could by-pass November. Then along comes Renunciation in August this year as I’m rewriting this series. Oh no, don’t tell me there’s going to be two Renunciation processes this year!


It’s funny, but appropriate that as I was writing this, I was processing a new level of relationship with my brother, because he was involved in our multi-level marketing business. And many of those childhood patterns were repeating. I thought, “Maybe if I write fast, or make it shorter, the process won’t be so uncomfortable. I doubt if that’s true, so I’ll give you the full benefit of this step in the process of Transformation.

Please remember you won’t go through all the phases I’ve mentioned in this chapter; or maybe none of them, but I want you to be forewarned so you’ll be forearmed, because these are real steps in the Transformation process, and must be passed through sometime. In fact, many times, as we cycle through on different levels.


One friend refused to go through the process because she didn’t want the pain of the crucifixion, which is another term for this crossingout phase. Although I reminded her Jesus didn’t stay on the cross, He got off and was resurrected, and then ascended, she still refused. So God took her through the process anyway, and it was much more painful because of her resistance. As I said, You’ve been suffering from the pain for years, why not go through it, and beyond it?”

So if you find yourself going through any of these steps in the future, don’t panic and become discouraged. On the other side is the Promised Land, just as it was there when the Israelites stepped out in faith into the River Jordan. Then God stops the waters so they crossed on dry land.

But in the meantime, while in the Wilderness, you may find this to be a time of change – little changes perhaps. Or it may be a time when your whole life changes. I seem to find myself in constant changes as I cycle through Renunciation. The first time it happened was especially disconcerting because I’d always lived a responsible, stable life; then everything went topsy turvy, and I moved every few months for several years.

At times I didn’t even know where I’d be staying. It required tremendous faith and trust. I’ve since witnessed others on the same Path processing through this Wilderness period. It’s especially frightening if you’re used to stability.

Do you see the reasons for this happening? It’s part of the refining process. On some level we pray, “I want to change from bondage and limitation to freedom and unlimited supply. I want to make the agreement to leave Egypt just as the Israelites did. And I’m willing to keep the commitment of making the journey to the Promised Land. Then we must be willing to make the necessary changes.

Harry Truman said it right, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” There’s plenty of heat in the refining fires as the dross is being burned away to leave the pure stuff that God can use as a fit tool or vessel for His ministry; and we are all part of that ministry of God. Someone once said, “Be careful how you live your life, you may be the only Bible your neighbor reads.” The changes will come, be ready for them, and eventually you’ll reach a place of surrender when you simply “Let go and let God.”

You cannot force this process, but you can “flow with it by being aware it’s happening, and then doing your part. But you can’t “make it happen, and you can’t avoid it. Since I knew what I was getting into during the first writing, I thought I’d hurry through this chapter to avoid the discomfort, but it didn’t work. In fact, I was so busy experiencing the process that I didn’t write for a week.

This time, as I rewrite, my hip is hurting, and life is again in the upheaval of changes, but they’re internal and I’m handling them with the tools of Transformation I’ve learned through the years.

You too may find this a time of releasing (within and without) as you let go many stored things from your body. Gestalt Therapy refers to them as toxins. That’s why people have arthritis, cancer, and heart problems– to mention a few — because the body has been storing these toxins within the cells and tissues. It must be released to complete the healing process. Remember the organs for elimination are the location for this Power, so urinary irritations or intestinal disturbances can occur as these organs are processing the toxins from the body. They will be of short duration. As I mentioned earlier, it’s possible to have a flu-like condition, or perhaps a cold, for a brief time. Don’t fret, but know the cleansing and purification is taking place.

Use denials and affirmations to ease the process. Most are familiar with affirmations, but let me assure you there’s nothing negative about denials. They’re part of the cleansing and releasing, and should be used whenever necessary to deny certain conditions. I use them whenever TV commercials are telling me “Flu season is here,” or equally distressing news. I simply say “I’m not buying what you are selling.”

Silva Mind Control uses a very effective denial: “cancel, cancel” to negate unwanted input. You can also silently use it in conversations for anything you don’t want programmed into your consciousness.

Another effective tool is a bottle of dissolving solution you keep on a shelf in your imagination for anytime you need to erase anything. Just take out your bottle and pour on whatever needs deleting. And the best part is the bottle never gets empty. I now realize the dissolving solution is love, for it erases any unwanted negativity. You may devise your own effective tools for denials. The name of the game is “Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative,” as the old song suggests.


Ask Thaddaeus to help with this process to experience more completions. It may be done frequently to keep the body cleansed and detoxified as you’re going through this Wilderness Renunciation Period.

Make yourself comfortable; take a deep breath and release. Relax and breathe deeply again, release. Continue with slow, deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth as you inhale the pure, fresh life of Spirit; and exhale the impurities that are stored within.

Visualize a russet energy of Light centering in the area of your organs for elimination. Begin the gentle swirling motion of the Light as the russet energy cleanses and gently removes all impurities from every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, and organ. Begin in this area and gradually move throughout your entire body. This process will take place simultaneously with the breathing. It’s done on the subconscious and superconscious level. In the meantime you’re consciously using denials and affirmation to assist with the cleansing, releasing, eliminating. All levels of self are participating in this Elimination Process.

You’ll want to individualize with your own words, or use these:

“I release and let go all impurities in my body. All toxic conditions are released and purified in the pure Light of Spirit as I breathe in the pure, fresh life of Spirit. The russet Light cleanses my body of anything negative I’ve been storing or holding onto in the form of memories, fears, anger, unforgiveness of myself or others, hurts, habitpatterns, programs, beliefs. I willingly and lovingly release them and their results from myself on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychical, social, and financial – and this is done with the assistance of my conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.”

Continue inhaling and exhaling as described while the russet Light or Energy is gently cleansing and releasing all the unwanted debris. Also continue with your denials and affirmations.

Remember you’re exhaling the impurities as they are being cleansed and released from your body; you’ re not retaining them. When you’ve completed this part of the process and your entire body is filled with the russet Light/Energy, invite the Holy Spirit to fill your being with orange flames of fire, and experience the baptism of fire by the Holy Spirit.

Continue with your experience until it’s complete. When you’re ready become aware of who you are and where you are. Open your eyes and go forth in the new Light and Life. Do not take back the old conditions or even look to see if they’re still there. They are not, but they’ll return if you choose to re-create them. Remember Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt because of looking back.


We use the ritual of the Burning Bowl Process to eliminate all those things that no longer contribute to a positive and constructive life. They have been a heavy burden and we are anxious to release and let them go so we can enjoy the freedom that follows the process. This ritual will impress not only the subconscious, but also the conscious and even the superconscious because it serves notice that we’re not only willing to let go, but we also prove it.

This is one time there is a right and wrong way of doing the mandalas because they’re a vital part of the process. You’ll want to use russet (for eliminating and releasing) as you color the large arrows pointing outward from the center. This is the “casting out” or getting rid of the things you no longer want: habit patterns, relationships that aren’t working, old tapes, programs, health conditions, fears, phobias, excessive weight, addictions, undesirable jobs.

As you begin coloring these arrows allow your subconscious to get very emotional as the conscious begins to think of some of the things you are releasing. As they come to mind you’ll write them on the back of the mandala so you can later watch them go up in flames of fire.” So don’t become attached to
this mandala because we’ll burn it. Thank goodness!

It’s okay to get angry while coloring away these negative memories. In fact, allow your inner child to scribble, color out of the lines, or whatever you wish. The more feelings and emotions that go into this process the better. Let tears come forth for further cleansing and releasing. Some people have gone through the flulike symptoms, or even a cold during the process, and then it was over. Please don’t let this information frighten you into not completing the process. The few minutes of discomfort now will offset a lifetime of the pain and discomfort you’ve already endured. So push through and enjoy the benefits.

Now is the time to forgive everyone and everything with sweeping strokes of color. Affirm “I forgive you and set you free.” Don’t forget to forgive yourself and your body; and ask for forgiveness for limited thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you’ve held about yourself: body, mind, emotions, and all functions and actions. Use denials too: “Nothing anybody says or does, or fails to say and do can take away my good.” “Pain, poverty, sickness, old age, and death are not real. Then affirm “Only God is real, and God is wholeness and goodness.” The advice of Paul can be a guideline during this process, “Forgetting what lies behind, I press on to the goal of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:13). This combines the denials and affirmations in a positive statement, and can get us through the Wilderness much faster.

As you’re coloring your mandala let more and more things come up that you’ll be writing down and getting rid of. It’s very helpful to read Catherine Ponder’s Healing Secret of the Ages” to trigger more releasing possibilities. You may need several days to work through this process. Or you may wish to write things down as they come up while reading, then burn the mandala as a grand conclusion before beginning the Life chapter. Remember, if you miss anything you can do another Burning Bowl Process at anytime – with or without the mandala.

Now, the arrows pointing into the center of the mandala are for the things you want to replace in exchange for what you released. Whenever we create a vacuum we must replace it with something positive, so we’ll color those arrows with colors we want to strengthen or emphasize, such as pink for Love, blue for Faith, yellow for Wisdom, gold for Understanding, greens for Strength and Order, light blue for Imagination and Creativity, orange for Zeal, purple for Power, gray for Will or Intention, and red for Life. Choose the colors that seem most needful. The center of the mandala may be colored whatever feels appropriate.

As a result of this process you may find old habit patterns, memories, or behaviours popping up again to be reviewed and released. That’s only so you may become aware of them, write them down, and burn them for permanent elimination. This is very impressive to your subconscious, because its job is to store all memories. But it’s happily assisting you with this process.

When the time comes for the final burning you’ll want a large fireproof container, matches, a safe place to burn it, and some appropriate music. “Please Release Me” or “Skybird” by Neil Simon are good as you’re going through the preparation. The “Halleuia Chorus” is excellent, or the song, “Amen, Amen” as the finale.

It’s most effective if you create a ritual to impress all three selves. I participated in a Burning Bowl Process where a funeral service was included. You may wish to use the memorial service used in the Strength chapter. You may or may not want to invite others to attend the ceremony. It seems to add a special touch to share the process with someone special who understands its significance, and who will be supportive.

When the mandala is completed and everything written on the back, write “And everything else I may have overlooked,” or words to cover anything you missed. Otherwise your subconscious or inner child may panic. Mine did until I wrote those words. Then cut or tear the mandala into pieces, and allow yourself to get into this with feelings.

I’ve seen many methods used:painful, timeconsuming cutting into tiny pieces, angry ripping into shreds, cutting along the patterns, or however you feel necessary. One gal triumphantly held up a section of pattern and said, “Boy, I sure hate to give this one up,” as she gleefully tossed it into the flames.

Now you want to burn each piece separately in order for it to be more meaningful and impressive. Of course, you may want to do it in a hurry. Be certain each piece is burned. Sometimes little corners, or resistant patterns refuse to burn. If so, check and see what’s still holding out, then use as many matches as necessary to get the job done.

I remember one night I went onto the balcony to burn mine only to discover it was windy and rainy. The rain put out the flames, so I went to another balcony sheltered with a roof. What a relief when I finally got it lit and burning. I was so fearful I’d miss some pieces that the event became quite traumatic. Most people feel anxious, and that’s good because it says you’ re really getting into the process.

As you watch the pieces burn you may be feeling relief, anxiety, fear, a sense of loss, grief, sorrow, emptiness. Allow all these feelings to be experienced and expressed.

You’ll love the conclusion of the process. When everything is burned repeat words such as: “I gladly release and let go all these things that no longer serve me. I release all energy on them into a positive energy I can use for useful purposes. I feel energized and revitalized as I release the energy that held onto these relationships, feelings, and memories. I fill the vacuum with happy, positive, productive living. I do not even carry the memory of them. They will not return to me in any form for I do not want them, and they no longer belong to me.” Or use whatever words are meaningful and complete for you.

When all is complete you may wish to flush the ashes down the toilet for a memorable conclusion. Or you may prefer to bury or scatter the ashes someplace meaningful with your own creative, unique ideas. Any personal embellishments are encouraged.

You’ll find there is nothing you’ll need to do once this is accomplished. Just go on living your life. You may notice a new sense of lightness and freedom. Don’t look back or re- create those things you got rid of. Remember, Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt, so go forward and live life fully. You’ll love it.


The Wilderness Period of Renunciation is also a time of completions. You may complete relationships in various ways; either by cleaning them up, releasing them, renewing them, or whatever myriad things can happen in relationships. Undelivered communications may be delivered: they may leave, you may leave, or things could become better than ever. You’ve got to be willing to take the chance, say it, and face the consequences. If your words or actions end the relationship, it probably needed to anyway; especially if that’s all that held it together.

As you’re making completions be sure to consciously forgive them and yourself. Otherwise it’s not complete, and must be dealt with again on some level. So get to the roots of these issues that are buried deep in your consciousness going back to childhood. With forgiveness we move beyond blame, hurt, and pain to acceptance as we say and feel “It’s no one’s fault, it’s what happened. I now release everyone involved, and let go of it.” Without this step in your Transformation process you’ll remain in the Wilderness forever.

Job changes can transpire during this time also; either by your conscious choice or not. You may feel they did it to you, but not really. Either you wanted out, or something better awaits you. Just see it as a blessing and expect the good results.

Giving up old habits, addictions, beliefs, programs, and other binding limitations can occur during this time of completions. Tell those energies that have held you in bondage to return to God and be transformed into positive and productive energies for good. And then watch for more blessings.

The Wilderness Period is a good time to complete things you’ve started. You may do it automatically, or you may have to discipline yourself. But use this time to “get your house in order.

With these completions comes freedom. The traumatic events may seem painful at the time, but the freedom is worth the pain. Enjoy the relief and release from the passing of the old that prepares the way for the new.


The Creation Story of Genesis ends with “and God rested.” We too must have the sabbath of rest, whether on Sunday, or another day; or maybe a week, or month, or year of resting, letting go and letting God.

Charles Fillmore says, ‘The true sabbath is the consciousness that we have fulfilled the divine law in both thought and act. It is a state of mind that man enters or acquires when he goes into the silence, into the realm of the Spirit.” Every day is the sabbath, and must be recognized as such by remembering that God didn’t create the universe and thentake a powder by leaving. Nor are we to cease all effort and action. Yes, we stop efforting and trying to make it happen. Our part is to do the things that need to be done by us, and knowing that God is doing the rest; universal laws are being fulfilled.

Catherine Ponder says that we do all we can, then we rest. Of ten I’ve recalled her words when she wrote about her own experience. She said if things she was trying to demonstrate or bring about had come any sooner all the necessary details wouldn’t be in place. Believe me, I’ve seen this proven so many times. When we try to force things to happen before the right time, place, and circumstances we can abort our good.

There must be the time of rest, or cessation of effort when we do whatever is before us by taking the next step on step at a time. We’ll know we’re in the Rest Period when nothing works no matter how hard we try to willfully force results. Then


Yet the Rest Period isn’t an inactive time. Much is being done within and without: preparations, changes, completions. It’s like the process of the caterpillar within the chrysalis preparing to become the butterfly. It doesn’t happen overnight, but soon that butterfly will come out of its prison, spread its wings and fly.

We too are coming out of our prison or bondage; out of the wilderness and across the River Jordan to our Promised Land of freedom and unlimited supply. For many this is happening as you read these words.

As I was preparing this chapter I was given some lessons on my morning walks. First I was shown a seed similar to an acorn that had dropped from one of the trees. I opened it and discovered a seed like the inside of an almond. I wondered about the process that took them from a seed to a tree. So another day I noticed one that had opened lying on the sidewalk. The outer cover had split after drying and the inner seed was exposed. It seemed to tell me, When it’s my time I know what to do. I realized that had it landed on the earth, it would have completed its process under the proper circumstances of rain, sun, and time.

Another time I was shown a flower in blossom, and then the autumn leaves were brought to my attention; all this to show me the importance of the lesson for Renunciation: releasing, change, chemicalization, completion, rest, and freedom. I’m glad I’m working on Renunciation at the autumn of the year so I may see and experience these seasonal wonders with greater understanding of how they apply in our lives.

There’s so much I want to be doing in outer ways, yet I know for now I must be content in this Rest Period while I write this course. I must have patience and faith to know I’m being prepared for future activity.


I, Jude, greet you in the name of Christ our saviour. I have written my letter in the Holy Bible in accordance with my understanding at the time. I wish, as do others, that we had had the understanding then, even that you do now. Our master did tell us these things, but in our limited knowledge and understanding we couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of his words, and his message. Even though this day we are endeavoring to explain and teach his true message.

The way has been opened and is now being prepared for those who are ready to receive. Can I make it clear to you, Dear Reader, of these words that Renunciation, more clearly, the Processs of Renouncing that which no longer serves, is a vital and positive process.

In no way is it to be considered negative or undesirable. Within it is required the discipline of self that often we find not to our liking or comfort. Change is discipline; discipline is change. Can you believe that discipline is freedom? I know that it may not seem so at the time for discipline seems binding and restricting. It is not.

The Wilderness Period for the Israelites as for Jesus in his Trial in the Wilderness is one of discipline. It is one of priorities and it is a time of clearing. It is enough that we bring our old consciousness into this new land – the Promised Land — without bringing all the debris along. We would quickly contaminate our Promised Land and find ourselves in deeper bondage than before were we not to change and release, purify or cleanse ourselves on all levels of consciousness.

Do not be hasty or impatient in your desire to leave this Wilderness Period untilyou have left behind the conditions of bondage and limitation; or you will recreate the same conditions by falling back into the old habit patterns of thought, speech, and action. Therefore, be patient with youself and God.

Complete the process (however long it takes), and study the story of the Israelites; learn from their successes and failures. They have traveled the journey before you and pioneered the land. You need not make their mistakes unless you so choose.

I am with you, for it is my purpose. I am the Patron Saint of the Forgotten and Hopeless who wander endlessly through the Wilderness, and yet worse are those who never left the bondage of Egypt, but are content in their imprisonment. I reach out to you. Here, take my hand and come with me into your freedom. am with you. I will not leave you.