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Trust God through the unkown, and also the known

Chapter 3 IT’S GOOD! IT’S LIFE! IT’S LOVE We’re in For a Ride! February is the month for Love, and it started early, this month, with Sunday on the First; so, of course, the Sunday sermon related to Love; and much more, because the title, “The Path of Change,” allowed the co-minister, Rev. Lisa, to […]

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Faith is say “yes” to God

The following is an excerpt from my current book “Continuing to Trust  God: Emergence,” which I’m writing while living in a retirement facility in Portland, Oregon, as God is moving forward, seven years after my ex-husband, Van, left, in search of his self-esteem, and then filed for divorce. The story of my bottoming-out and long […]

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This will be the first Newsletter

This is a Blog. You can write and publish articles on this Blog. A Blog is a Journal of Articles or Newsletters that appear in chronological order when you publish them, with the most recent on top. As you add Newsletters, links to the new ones will appear in the left hand column, under Recent […]

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