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Dear Family Friends,

They say you can choose your friends, but with your family you have to take what you get. Isn’t it wonderful with our “family” we can choose? Not only that, we can choose to have honest communications and a harmonious relationship. I would like to recommend that you read, elsewhere in this issue, a letter from to the Freedomers (inmates seeking inner freedom). I really expresses where I come from in our relationship. If I were writing this letter to you, I might word it a bit differently, but the essence would be the same: no masks, no games, and no B.S. I use that language, because you understand what I mean.

I realize that, for many Freedomers, it is the first time in your life that you’ve experienced such a relationship as ours. It takes some real adjustments to be absolutely honest, without games, masks, etc.. You see, our relationship — yours and mine– is person-to-person, rather than male/female, mother/child, or minister/congregation. So, there is a responsibility on the part of both of us to get to know each other as an individual and not a label or title. This takes some time, but it is worth it.

The fun part is pushing through the discomfort in our communications and really say what we are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. We need to feel free to communicate, knowing that we will remain friends no matter what either of us says or does. You can imagine how this affects people in prison who may have never had that degree of friendship, love or support from anybody. It really gets to be a test of Faith, trust, belief and commitment. For some, it calls for more accepting of responsibility than they are ready to handle, so they disappear, and I never hear from them again.

It is because of the challenges involved in this kind of relationship that the Rainbow Connection is meaningful. There is a responsibility involved in the Agreement and Commitment to be part of this “Family of Love.” You don’t just disappear, you write and you say what is going on with you, whatever it is. And, we talk about it and have a clearer understanding of each other, and we go on together, in love and understanding.

Originally, I felt the Rainbow Connection would only be for those taking the Pot O’ Gold Course, but I realized that isn’t fair, nor does it accomplish what is my intention of accomplishing: an opportunity for people to “reach out and touch” in love.

You may want the Pot O’ Gold Course workbook, so that you will more clearly understand what we are saying and doing. Otherwise, just “hang in there,” and it will clear up as we go along.

The first few issues of “Rainbow Connection” will be based on material that I have received, in the past, from Freedomers who took the course, or read my newsletters. More material will be added, as it comes in and applies to the monthly subjects, listed below:


Faith, Agreements, Commitments, Beliefs, Trust, Credos, New Beginnings,
New Year, Genesis
Love, Love Concepts, Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Approval, Family,
Christ Love, Valentine’s Day
Order, Balance, Moderation, Harmony, Cause and Effect, Games, Timing, Ten Commandments, St. Patrick’s Day, Money
Will, Intentions, Purpose, Pride, Discipline, Attitude, Willfulness, Surrender,
Easter, Resurrection
Understanding, I AM, Identity, Three-Selves, Self-Worth, Inner Child, Alignment, Intuition, In a Mirror Dimly: But Then Face-to-Face
Imagination, Creativity, Visualization, Visioning, Be-Here-Now, Preparation,
Strength, Freedom, Responsibility, Confidence, Conviction, Courage, Integrity,
Power, Words, “The Word,” Communication, Control, Appreciation, Gratitude, Inner Power, Giving/Receiving, Tithing
Wisdom, Enlightenment, Light, Substance, Source, Ideas, Organization
Zeal, Enthusiasm, Joy, Expansion, Holy Spirit, “Getting Off It”
Renunciation, Elimination, Releasing, Forgiveness, Change, Releasing, Completion, The Wilderness, Chemicalization, The Storm, Sub-Conscious
Life, Life-Cycles, Parent/Child, Self-Identity, Sex/Sexuality, Transformation, Christ Mass, Christmas

Since this is a new idea and a new innovation to us, we will simply let it flow and enjoy the results. After all, it is a creation of our own making, so we might as well enjoy it, since we create our own reality.

Many people are not willing to accept responsibility for what they create, but once they do, life begins to flow more smoothly.

You see, with this realization, you discover that if you create it, and you don’t like it, you can always change it to be whatever you want. You have choices. Each time you find yourself faced with an old habit or condition, that you don’t like, simply choose to change it; make a new choice.

As I began thinking about the Rainbow Connection, ideas began flowing so fast I could hardly write them down fast enough. This is what I wanted to do all along, because I love writing, and I love the relationships developing between our “family” of Freedomers. Also, I don’t like doing things in person, so a “ministry-by-mail” is perfect. I am free to create, as I’m coming and going, traveling, or whatever I do.

Suddenly, I realized that I’m “Riding the horse in the direction it’s going,” and the saddle is much more comfortable, the view better, and life is working! You are reading and experiencing the results: Volume 1 Number 1).


By the way, I need to explain that the expression, “ride the horse in the direction it’s going” came from “est,” a popular self-help program of the 70’s that I, and many of my family and friends participated in. Sometimes we seem to have the saddle on backwards and all we see is the horse’s rear; besides we only see where we’ve been and not where we are going. Seldom will this method bring about satisfaction or desirable results.

The main idea I must remember, in this new venture, is to be who I am; not try to be what I think I should be to please you, or do it like somebody else would do it. The lesson is: Be who you are; do what you do, not what you think someone else thinks or wants you to do. That is not being true to your own integrity; the integrity of who you are; what you are here to express and do and be! Try it, you’ll like it. “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” Shakespeare said it, and he’s right on!

Along these same lines is the idea “Flow with the traffic.” In other words, if you are out there directing traffic in the opposite direction, you will look rather foolish, and it doesn’t work. The traffic will continue to go the way it is going. on the other hand, if you start directing it the way it is going, in not only works, but looks like you are the director of the traffic, and people will even look to you for directions.

For example, when my daughter, Dottie, and son-in-law, Steve, came to live with us and to participate in the Rainbow Center activities, I got very busy setting things in action: classes, seminars, potlucks. All went well for awhile, and suddenly ended. I began wondering what was wrong. I was doing everything “right,” as far as I knew.

One day, my husband, Van, sat me down and gave me a little talk about “flowing with the traffic” and “riding the horse in the direction it is going.” He didn’t seem to have anything in mind, as he said it, just delivered the communication and left.

I began looking at what I was doing that was working, and what was not working. You see, I believe that if we are doing our part, and what we have done is a result of fulfilling our intuitive guidance, then it will grow under its own momentum; one person will tell another, and there is no need for efforting.

I very firmly believe this, so, when I noticed that the Freedomers correspondence project was working, and the “Pot O’ Gold Course” sales wasn’t. It simply came to a stop. There were no orders for books, no letters, no feedback. Nothing! So, as I looked at what was working and noticed that it was the Freedomer Correspondence projects, I asked myself, “How can I continue to “flow in the direction it’s going”?

That’s when I came up with the idea of the “Rainbow Connection.”

This seems a good time to include two of my favorite “stories” that I often refer to in my writings:

The Cat On The Roof

This fellow took a boat trip to Europe, but he had a prized cat whom he left with his brother. Concerned about his precious cat, he used the captain’s ship-to-shore radio to call his brother and ask about his cat.

“The cat’s dead,” the brother announced.

The fellow was devastated, barely able to talk, through his grief and despair, he said, “What a terrible way to tell anybody anything,” adding, the least you could have done, the first time I called was to say ‘The cat’s on the roof.” Pausing a moment, he continued, “Then the next time, you could have said, ‘The cat fell off the roof,’ thus preparing me for the news: ‘the cat is in the hospital.’ Then, when I’m in Europe, having a good time, you could gently say, ‘The cat died.’ I would still have been terribly upset, but at least it wouldn’t be such a terrible shock.”

Trying to regain his composure, and get on with other things, he asked, “How is Mother?”

His brother dutifully replied, “She is on the roof.”

This is a family joke, now, so whenever we have some unpleasant, or unexpected news, we say “The cat is on the roof.”

The Celestial Two by Four

You know the story about the fellow who went to a farmer to buy a donkey. The farmer assured him it was an excellent donkey and a hard worker. So, the fellow bought him and took him home. The donkey wouldn’t budge and was totally useless, so the fellow loaded him up and took him back to the farmer, complaining bitterly about the useless donkey.

The farmer walked over by the barn and picked up a long two-by-four and hit the donkey over the head, as he said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you, first you have to get its attention.”

Well, a lot of us have to get “hit over the head with the celestial two-by-four, to get our attention, so we will get off our collective and individual asses and “get” whatever it is that has to be gotten in life.

It’s not a free ride. We are here for a purpose, and we have a job to get done (with ourselves, right where we are, whether in a prison with bars, or just a prison of our own minds).

For instance, one Freedomer, Frogge, may be behind bars, but he is not “in prison,” as such. He is a free man! He is a Freedomer who has found his inner freedom. As a result, this “lifer” without parole, is preparing his parole papers for this fall! And, as he said, his time is serving him, as he’s taken courses and studying to get things done and prepared for his life on the outside. The two-by-four worked.

You’ll read more about Frogge in my writings, and what he did with his life.

(Support, Energy, Love, Friendship)

The original Rainbow Connection featured a program that can be effective, at any time, because there are still participants, so the energy is still available. Here’s how it works.

We call it a Healing Meditation. You can add to the bank at any time and draw from the bank. Simply tune in to the energy. It’s always available, but is especially powerful on Thursdayevening between 8-10 p.m. (PST), when we gather in meditation in our individual or collective SELF Expression Sanctuary. Other groups and individuals also tune in with us at this time.

Reports of healings have already been happening, as a result of this Healing Meditation energy. Surely, this is an example of “hands reaching out, in love, and touching.”

One more expression I want to share with you is that when I use the term “space,” I mean either “how it is with me from where I am now,” or “give me space to be with myself and get my act together. In other words, “I need to be alone with myself.”


(Whenever I’d receive a referral, or an inquiry letter for pen-pals, I’d send the following letter; partly to clarify my position, and partly to eliminate the vast-majority not seeking inner freedom).

Dear Freedomer,

It has come to my attention that you are seeking freedom and that you realize that true freedom must come from within. Many people on the outside are not free. There are those on the inside, however who are free or are becoming “free”; these I call “Freedomers”. It is my understanding that you are a “Freedomer.”

One of the most effective tools for freedom is self-love. It is impossible to “love our neighbor as ourself” if we don’t love ourself first.

I have prepared a Pot O’Gold workbook – over 400 pages,. containing material, processes and exercises for the purpose, of experiencing self-awareness and self-love; thus freedom within–and ultimately “freedom without.”

It is my purpose and intention to assist you in love, support and understanding and caring toward your ultimate goal of freedom. There are times that this may become uncomfortable for either or both of us as we learn to communicate honestly without our masks, and push through our uncomfortableness (in love) to mutual trust and unconditional love. I have experienced this while writing to other Freedomers who inspired me to embark upon what I call my “Inner Freedom Ministry.” It was harder for me than them actually, but we have all grown through our experiences.

I started my “Inner Freedom Ministry” by writing individual letters to all “Freedomers” who came to my attention. However, I soon discovered this to be an overwhelming project, so I have devised a new approach that will be effective in accomplishing the purpose of freedom.

I will send you ( at no cost to you) the “Pot O’ Gold” Course. After you have completed a chapter, write me about your experiences. Share any memories, feelings, problems, or questions. I will personally answer your letter once a month; sooner if urgent. I will also write a monthly newsletter. Freedomers tell me they enjoy hearing about sunsets, rainbows, autumn leaves, spring flowers blooming, our walks on the beach, dining out, movies, and other normalcies of life. They say they are helpful reminders of the outside, so I include them in my newsletters.

I will be sending you my love, support and prayers in the meantime. I really care about you, and I love you. However, please understand that I am happily married and my love is not to be misunderstood or construed to be of a romantic or physical kind, but rather, agape or universal love; I love you because you are you –unconditionally. I will not stop loving you; therefore it is not necessarily to test my love for you. However, if you choose to take advantage of or use my love and my caring in a negative manner (some “Freedomers” who are not fully “free” may be tempted to do this) I will no longer correspond–although I will not stop loving you.

I understand that love–or lack of it–at some times in one’s (usually childhood) is often the cause of one’s loss of freedom — one way or another. This may be the first time you have actually experienced unconditional love. It may be frightening or overwhelming. It may cause unusual reactions on your subconscious or emotional level. You may wish to read about love concepts in the Love Chapter of the Pot O’ Gold to assist you in this area. Also the Understanding chapter may be helpful to read in order to understand your, three-selves (Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious) and how they affect your life. The Strength chapter will be helpful to develop a realization of Responsibility and how it applies to your inner freedom.

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