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Who is Joyanna Freeland? My Life Story

A new-age minister seeking and finding inner freedom: from est in the ’70’s to healing her inner child, through recovery programs in the ’90’s, and full-time RVing thereafter. A wife, mother, and great-grandmother. A lady who cares and shares her journey through writing: hers and Freedomers (inmates seeking inner freedom). From them she learned that prison can be a state of mind, even for Outsiders. From these beginnings evolved her Inner Freedom Ministry.

The books on these pages tell the story of my life, my family, my ministry, my travels and my life’s lessons. Enjoy! In time I will have pictures and more sharings of interest, so keep coming back to visit and get acquainted.

Joyanna’s Ministry is with Freedomers (inmates seeking inner freedom) and others seeking freedom from bondage to habits, patterns, addictions, illness, poverty, loneliness.

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On June 21, 2017, I celebrated my 85th birthday with my daughter, Dottie, and my granddaughter (her daughter), Airica, and her husband, Steve; and several days later with my son, Marquam. I’m doing great, other than congestive heart failure, for which I’m on medication. This condition can go on for many years, or be suddenly fatal. With this in mind, I decided that, rather than wait for final editing, I would add “Who is Joyanna? My Life Story,” as is to this website. Maybe, someday, someone will edit it, but at least it is here now to be read by anyone interested, and I can rest in peace, knowing it is done, as part of My Legacy. See the Table of Contents for more details. Well, almost done; as I’m writing this, there are more chapters to be added and I’m writing a sequel: “Who is Joyanna? Life Goes On,” as I live it. However, I’ll add the chapters up until the current one, and then the rest, as they are lived and written. Enjoy!