The mandala is a unique method of communication with both the subconscious and superconscious.

Through the use of colors and designs it encourages the subconscious to release memories,pictures, and awareness of buried or past information and pertinent experiences. This can be healing in all aspects of a transformed life as these memories surface and are blessed, forgiven, and released.  The mandala also serves as a vehicle for the Superconscious to guide and inspire. When you feel guided to use a certain color you can ask the Superconscious, “Why?” Revelations will instruct, and inform. Ideas and inspiration will begin to flow.  The color-coordinations were suggested by Unity in conjunction with their “Twelve Powers of Man” Sunday School material. Healing energies can be released in the body by visualizing the designated color(s) in the body locations of the specific Power(s).

The line drawings of Mandalas are bigger than they look here. You can right-click each one to save it, then print it and use it as a template for adding your own colors.

 Faith Faith (1)   January | Faith Use this mandala as you are working on Faith. It could be one specific incident that continually influences your life, or it could be many experiences or events. Jot down in your notebook as you become aware of significant information and answers. As you are coloring ask yourself: What is Faith to me? In whom do I have Faith? Do I have Faith in myself, in God, in my mother, my father? Ask why or why not after each person. Expand on each one with further questions until you are very clear about each answer. Take some time with the questions concerning God. Define God. Is this your experience, or someone else’s? Continue until God has meaning and is real to you, until you can feel comfortable with the term and identity of “God.” This is vitally important whether you are a religious person or not. There is no “right” or “wrong” with your reality, but it is important for you to be clear about your reality of God. It might be Universal Energy, Divine Mind, Substance, Love. It might be “I am God” or “God is dead.” You still need to know the identity of who is dead. 
 Love  Love (1)  February | Love  The predominant color is pink. You may wish to color the entire mandala with it, or you may wish to use gold for Understanding, and other colors as guided. The circle around the outside represents Universal Love.  The entire mandala represents eternal Love, and the circle in the center symbolizes the I AM. Use this mandala to work through relationships  with yourself, with others (including parents, children, friends), and even your relationship with God. Ask your subconscious to give you realizations regarding your Love Concepts as you color this mandala. You can program yourself to change your patterns by changing the pattern of the mandala. Finally, allow the feeling of Unconditional Love to flow through you as you color. It’s an excellent way to experience the Love energies of the Holy Spirit which is God as Love in action.
 Order  Order (1)  March | Order  At first glance this mandala seems to be chaos and confusion. However as you begin coloring beautiful designs begin to appear. For instance the stars in the center. It can become a serene and peaceful pattern. I once used blues with the greens to represent my desire for a home by the sea, which I now enjoy. I like to use several shades of green to remind me of their harmonious blending in nature. You may add colors of spring flowers. Golds and yellows blend well with greens and add Understanding and Wisdom to Order. The lighter green represents Strength, which is often necessary when establishing order out of chaos. Listen to your inner guidance for colors you may need in creating Order in your life. Use affirmations for Divine Order, harmony, balance, and timing as you color. I have a poster that shows a huge natural bridge sitting in the middle of the ocean. It’s captioned, “The best way out is always through.” Good advice for creating peace and harmony out of chaos and confusion. Further insights and realizations concerning cause and effect, or timing may come forth as you color. You may find you can’t finish until you work through some issues that could be revealed as you color. If you are too orderly, inflexible, or rigid you might scribble and ignore the lines to impress your subconscious that it’s okay to be flexible and flamboyant. 
 Will  Will (1)  April | Will  Although gray (or silver) is the designated color, it’s not predominant because Understanding (gold) must guide Will so it doesn’t become willful rather than willing — to do God-Will. You can use the six outer designs as areas in your life where you need healing.  And listen to God’s guidance for the appropriate colors in the petal-shape designs to give answers.  Always Love (pink) and Understanding (gold) must work with Will, and of course Wisdom (yellow).  Perhaps you need more Order (dark/olive green) for balance and harmony. Often as you color God will speak through the still small voice, so listen within. Spiritual Understanding reveals the answers. Be honest with yourself.  If you are willful or headstrong, you may want to ask for direction to channel your energies into listening to God’s will for you.  If you’re indecisive you may ask to become more deliberate and intentional. You may want to visit the Garden of Gethsemane as you color and ask Matthew (the disciple who represents Will), for answers to your Will-related questions.  Some people receive direct communications with Jesus and/or the disciples. Use your affirmations: “Not my will but thine be done.” Or “Father, I am willing, help my willfulness.” or you can ask, “Dear God, what is your will for me?” Enjoy!
 Understanding  Understanding (1)  May | Understanding  Color the Mandala for Understanding, using gold or golden yellow as the predominant color, and other colors as you feel guided (any color is okay; there’s no right or wrong). If you don’t have a gold color you can use orange and color over it with yellow. Whatever feels right to you is the way to do it. Since Understanding must guide Will, you can use gold for the greater or larger areas of the cross and gray or silver (The color for Will), for the smaller areas.” It’s importait to color the mandala. Do not avoid it as -kid “stuff.” That’s exactly the reason it’s beneficial. It will work when nothing else will. The subconscious loves mandalas and becomes very cooperative, so if you have problems starting or completing the processes or answering the questions, you can color a mandala. You can feel the child at play as you color. Let go and enjoy! This is also an excellent time to communicate or listen to your conscious, However, do not limit yourself by allowing your intellect, logic and reason to interfere. If you are having misunderstandings with anyone, you can use affirmations as you color, such as, “There is nothing between us but love and understanding.”
 Imagination  Imagination (1)  June | Imagination  Color the mandala for Imagination using light blue for the predominant color and other colors as guided by your intuitive guidance. Allow your creativity to flow, and don’t worry about the outcome. Just enjoy using whatever colors feel good. Use this mandala to wok through anything that has to do with Imagination, Creativity, Visualization, Preparation, or -Be Here Now.” Or it can be just for fun. Be creative. Do your own thing. Focusing on each color and design is a good exercise in being here now as you concentrate without getting sidetracked. Mandalas are an excellent method for becoming centered. I like to think of the circles around the outside as balloons to correlate with the “Balloon Process.” You may wish to use each of the circles as an issue that came up for you during the Process. Also you may wish to make several copies of the mandala before coloring, then let your imagination flourish as you change the pattern each time. As you color you can make positive affirmations and/or denials relating to each of these issues. Also, one of my visualization for Imagination is Disneyland, the Creativity Center of the
world, and there’s always someone carrying a barrage of balloons around the park.
 Zeal  Zeal (1)  July | Zeal  Color the mandala for Zeal using orange as the predominant color, allowing your subconscious and superconscious to guide you in the accompanying colors. If you tend to be overzealous, Zeal usually needs to be tempered with Wisdom and Judgment, which is yellow. Also add Order, olive or dark green, or a combination of greens, to balance this tempestuous energy center. If you are introverted, shy or withdrawn, you may become more daring with the more vibrant red color for Life, purple for Power, or light green for Strength. If you you have stuff in your life that needs to be cleaned up or released add russet (if you don’t have that color, combine brown and orange). You will be guided to use the colors appropriate for your Zeal energies. For instance, you may need blue for Faith, as you venture into more Zeal energies. And it is also effective to use bright pink for Love as you become more radiant. You may wish to be more daring and do something entirely different. I thought lightning would strike me dead when I launched forth and created a kind of flame expanding from my mandala, because I was a letter-of-the-law type person and felt that I must do everything “right.” It was a turning point for me to go beyond the context of the lines. I loved it! There is no right or wrong way; simply let your guidance guide you. Inner stuff may come up for you, or you may just have fun. I often use my mandalas for meditation, to calm and center.
 Power  Power (1)  August | Power  Color your mandala using purple as the predominant color. There are three squares that can serve as your inner for Superconscious, middle for Subconscious, and outer for Conscious. This will serve as an opportunity to integrate the Power and Authority in “earth as it is in heaven” concept. Power needs to be balanced with pink for Love, and yellow for Wisdom and olive or dark green for Order (balance). This is especially true for anyone who tends to let their Power get off-balance. If you need more Power or Strength or Energy you can use orange, light green, red, etc. You can use this mandala if you are working through communications with anyone. Also, if you wish deeper Understanding concerning some of the subject matters concerning the Word, Lord’s Prayer, Ten Commandments, etc. If you have problems with the giving and tithing or Investment in Enrichment areas you may want to use green for money or gold for substance; pink for Love is helpful in Giving and Receiving. REMEMBER: “POWER WITHIN NOT POWER OVER; LOVE-POWER NOT WILL-POWER.”
 Wisdom  Wisdom (1)  September | Wisdom  Yellow is the predominant color of Wisdom, however you may wish to correlate your mandala with your Temple of Light Process (If you have the Pot O’ Gold Course book). If you wish to work with the Idea of Substance, you may want to use only yellows and golds to create an opulent mandala.  Ideas may have come up that you wish to incorporate into your mandala, or you may wish to color it while seeking Ideas for something you wish to create; or for answers you are seeking. If you have a great deal to work out concerning Judgment and condemnation, you may wish to use your mandala for that purpose, especially if you are harsh in self-judgment and condemnation with punishment being a contributing factor.  Of course, the same applies in regard to others.  It may be that you need to do some releasing in these areas.  If so, you can use some russet or brown colored with orange to emphasize the Renunciation, Cleansing or Releasing.  Enjoy!
 Strength  Strength (1)  October | Strength  You may color this mandala according to your own guidance using light green as the predominant color; or you may follow these suggestions: Use pink for Love to color the outer circle and square; and the inner circle to symbolize, -I am strong in the circle of God’s Love- using this affirmation as you color.  The petallike projections also may be colored pink.  I felt the need for a lot of Love for my Strength mandala as I used the affirmation “God-Love is my Strength.” Yellow can be used to color the three circles to symbolize the “Bread of Life” as my sustenance and abundance.  Affirm “God is the Source of my supply,” “God is the source of my Strength,” God is my sustenance.” The candle-like projections throughout the mandala can be colored gold to represent your “I AM” identity — a great source of Strength. The large corner spaces can be light green with your affirmation: “I am Strength,” “God is my Strength,” or you may wish to affirm: “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Dark blue for Faith can strengthen your green corners as you use strong Faith affirmations: “My Faith is strong.” “I believe, help my unbelief.  The large projections from the center circle can be colored dark blue and light green for Faith and Strength. The little circles seem to symbolize the strength found in affirmations, so I color them purple, or sometimes multi-colors. Of course any colors that are meaningful to you are okay.  There is no right or wrong.  The mandalas are intended as support during your Strengthening process.
 Renunciation  Renunciation (1)  November | Renunciation  
 Life  Life (1)  December | Life  

This mandala serves as a process; for that reason it has specific color suggestions, however you are free to use your own choices.

The center flower-type design represents your birth. Red, the color for life, is suggested for the center. As you are coloring it, and throughout the mandala you will want to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings about your birth. Many people discover surprising and unusual facts during this time. Often a re-creation of your birth as you are coloring is helpful.

Sometimes during this process one may find that he/she was unwanted or even a bit premature to the wedding date. If this happens you will want to deal with it until you can realize the insignificance of either event. After all, you chose your parents, the conditions under which you would arrive and live, and when to arrive. If you set it up to be premature, illegititimate or unwanted then those are the conditions you needed to work through in this lifetime.

This realization puts the responsibility squarely on ourselves; it,’ ‘S not a matter of blame or right or wrong, but merely how it is! You now have the assistance of your superconscious to work through these matters with the conscious and subconscious.

You will want to work on your own sex and sexuality during this mandala. Your feelings about being a woman or a man may surface; your femininity or masculinity. I suggest you examine the role-models who influenced your present feelings and actions of sexuality.

You may become aware of your ability to relate with the opposite sex and the same sex. You will be getting in touch with issues that may have been long buried. In fact, you may prefer they stay buried. It’s your choice, but I assure you the freedom that comes with this release is unbelievable.

The part of the mandala coming from the center, and including the “wheels” is the “life” phase. The color coming from the center to the “wheel” design is pink as it has to do with your birth and four areas of your relationships:

1. YOURSELF — You will continue with the above suggestions in these areas as they apply.

2. YOUR PARENTS — as pertains to your birth; were you wanted, welcomed and loved; everything in this area of your relationship with your parents. You can ask them about this as you meditate while coloring the mandala.

Talk with them concerning their feelings about becoming a parent; were they happy, fearful — all those things that will help complete your birth experience. This is vitally important to your readiness for the Promised Land.

3. YOUR ROLE AS A PARENT — if you are a parent recall your thoughts and feelings about becoming a parent. You may have never thought about it before, you just did whatever had to be done.

This is a vast unexplored area that I suggest you examine at great length. Be honest with yourself and with your children. You may wish to have a communication process with them; perhaps in person to share your honest feelings. It will be one of the greatest kindnesses you’ll ever do for them! It will open the door for their freedom as well as your own. Its an ongoing process with adult children.

You may find it difficult to be honest with yourself in this process. After all, who can
honestly admit to themselves, let alone their kids, that they really weren’t ready to have a baby. In fact, maybe didn’t even want them. The truth is that on the subconscious level they know. I’ve done processes with people where I communicated with their subconscious, and the true feelings came out. Many, many of them, at some time, recalled their experience in the womb — and the truth came out, often to their surprise. You see, the subconscious knows on a feeling level; and also remembers — that’s its function. If you haven’t learned to communicate with your subconscious, you would be ahead to do so!

4. YOUR RELATIONSHIP AS IT PERTAINS TO YOUR SEXUALITY (MASCULINE OR FEMININE) WITH OTHERS — this concerns your ability to relate with others in the areas of sexuality. This does not necessarily mean sexually, but, of course, this is included! Those who have worked with this session have been able to unravel astounding tangles in their male/female relationships. However, it’s such a Pandora’s box that most would prefer to leave buried to fester and ferment within the body storage tank and pay the price of disease and illness. It’s worth opening the lid, so push through.

Because I was coloring mine at Christmas time. I chose to color the wheels red with green blocks (which can be blocks you have to break-up or blast-out). I consider this to be a Christmas (Christ Mass) mandala whenever it’s colored as it deals with the birth of the Christ or the second birth (re-birth). You may wish to use yellow and/or pink for the inner parts of the flower-type design within the wheel and the inside of the wheel. These deal with “Life.”

The cross or X” across the center of the center circle represents the crucifixion or
“crossing-out” of the negativity and things no longer part of your new life. It also represents death. You may choose whatever colors you wish that are meaningful to you; perhaps russet or silver or gold. I chose gold with yellow tips. This can also be symbolic of any last “cleaning-up.”

The large sunburst-type design at each tip of the cross represents the resurrection
(lifting-up) of the whole self–physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. The color for this is yellow for the outer pie-shaped sections, with gold for the inner diamond design. It’s important for these colors to be used in this segment as well as the outer “shutter-type” part of the design to be gold, because they resemble wings which are symbolic of the lifting-up of the whole person. You will know when this happens; you’ll feel a change come over you. You may have a desire to change your outer image in some way to symbolize what has happened on the inner.

The three-section sunburst on top of the four-section one represents the Ascension. This is colored the opposite of the lower one — the inner design is yellow and the outer is gold. This makes a spectacular mandala and you’ll see why those colors are used in these two areas; they truly create an illusion of upliftment. This also represents the Promised Land or the fulfillment; freedom and unlimited supply, symbolized by Jesus in His Ascension. For us it’s the total merging of the three-selves into the Christ-self.

Jesus told us we can do anything He did. Some have accomplished this Transformation in this lifetime. We can too. This is the time when the caterpillar sheds its cocoon, spreads its wings and flies! When we reach this level of unfoldment we too will fly.

The remaining design (between the sunbursts) is very special. It’s symbolic of the manger scene! It’s the rebirth; or birth of the Christ. The green from the wheel designs form part of the base or cradle/manger in which the Christ Child is born; or in which the new birth occurs. It represents Strength or integrity, responsibility, conviction. Along with the blue for Faith which includes agreement, commitment, belief and trust the complete foundation is formed. You will notice it’s resting upon the base of our entire life!

Out of the Strength and Faith the Power (communication/appreciation) is formed and encircles the manger and Christ Child. The leaf-like base for the new budding life is light blue for the creativity (Imagination) that has prepared the place (consciousness) for the new birth. The bud-type design represents the “I AM” or Christ birth. It can be gold (Understanding) or pink (Love). Life is born anew!

The large area around the sunbursts represents reincarnation. Red is the suggested color. You may find that the red in this area will be a different, lighter shade than in the wheel; even if you use the same color!

A light pink (different than the one used inside) surrounds the outer rim of the mandala representing eternal life in God (Love) the Allness that is–The ultimate union!