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Transformation Chart by Anatomical Location

 Color  Power Disciple Month
 Pineal Gland  Faith  Peter  January
 Agreements, Commitments, Belief, Trust, New Beginnings
 Above Right Eye  Understanding  Thomas  May
 Identification, Inner Child, Three-selves, Consciousness
  above left eye  Will  Matthew  April
 Intention, Purpose, Alignment, Attitude, Surrender
 center forehead  Imagination  Nathanael  June
 Preparation, Visualization, Creativity, Treasure-mapping
 back of neck  Zeal  Simon  October
 Enthusiasm, Expansion, Holy Spirit, “Getting-Off-It”
 throat  Power  Philip  August
 Communication, The Word, Inner-Power
 heart  Love  John  Fecruary
 Unconditional Love, Acceptance, Approval, Love-concepts, Parental Relationships
 abdomen  Wisdom  James  September
 Judgment, Enlightenment, Substance, Temple of Light
 solar plexus  Order  James (Lesser)  March
 Balance,  Harmony, Timing, Cause/Effect, Patterns
 small of back  Strength  Andrew  July
 Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Convictions
 organs for elimination  Renunciation  Jude  November
 Elimination, Forgiveness, Releasing, Completion, Chemicalization, Purification
 genitals  Life  Judas  December
 Transformation, Life-cycles, Rebirth (“born again”), Sexuality, Parenting